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Mulberry’s Secret – Eliminates freckles and pigmentation problems

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Mulberry’s Secret contains Omega Light Complex, a unique patented combination of piperonyl alcohol and linolenic acid. The Omega Light Complex is known for its skin-colored properties. It promotes the clarification of skin pigmentation, eliminates dark spots and prevents hyper-pigmentation. A highly effective bleaching complex with mulberry leaf and sea-rose extracts is specifically designed to brighten excessive skin pigmentation.

  • The exclusive technology allows the active ingredients to penetrate the skin cells as deeply as possible. No other product has such an effect.
  • Neutralizes the coloring effect of melanin
  • Improves the discoloration in the areas where it is needed
  • Blocks the reappearance of pigmentation
  • Protects cells from aggressive environmental factors and stress

Mulberry's Secret Transformation
The Omega Light Complex penetrates gently and harmlessly through already produced pigment spots and dissolves them and prevents their recurrence. It contains no aggressive whitening components. It is suitable for all skin types. Mulberry’s Secret has great lightening qualities, quickly achieves results and hydrates the skin to perfection. It is a hypoallergenic product that contains no toxic components. Mulberry’s Secret is an absolutely safe product: it neither does not irritate the skin nor increases skin sensitivity. And most importantly, it does not intensify the irritability of the skin when exposed to the ultraviolet.

Causes of pigmentation

  1. Genetic background
  2. UV rays, frequent sunlight or artificial tanning
  3. Hormonal changes
  4. Consequences of acne and damaged skin
  5. Stress, lack of vitamins and taking some medications
  6. Age-related changes

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Expert opinion

A bright and even complexion is something every girl dreams about. Many cosmetic products contain aggressive bleaching components that only temporarily lighten the pigmented areas. The problem is that after treatment these areas become even darker. We are lucky, because modern cosmetics have made great progress in this area and have developed a special skin lightening serum: Mulberry’s Secret. Its unique combination of fully harmless ingredients allows it to achieve an ideal skin tone without pigmentation or freckles, skin health and overall health improvement. This serum has no contraindications and its use is recommended for every type of skin and age.

– Caroline Sandstede, Dermatologist

Natural, Silicon Free, Paraben Free

Mulberry’s Secret Ingredients

Mulberry extract – Mulberries contain anthocyanins, powerful antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals. Since mulberry fruit is full of antioxidants, it has been promoted as a fruit for anti-aging, which is why some use it to achieve a youthful, wrinkle-free skin. Mulberries also contain properties that can promote melanin synthesis, which can result in a clear, rejuvenated complexion. Mulberry extract is the key to beautiful, flawless skin. It is a potent antitoxin that slows the rate of sun damage, causing dark spots, dark circles and darker skin. It helps combat and even reverse the effect of the sun on the skin, because it reduces melanin – an amino acid produced by the skin, which darkens the skin. The application of mulberry leaf extract on the skin is up to 20 times more effective than taking it orally.

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Omega light – It is a patented innovation based on the modern method of “molecular design” that produces an active combination of piperonyl alcohol and linoleic acid from safflower seeds.

White lillie – White lily extract works by binding to moisture. It can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water, making it an excellent natural skin. Omega Light helps repair your skin and regenerate after dryness, pollution or irritation.

The healing complex – Betaine, licorice extract, lactic acid

Enhance Complex – Vitamin E, rosemary oil, kaolin

Protection complex – Panthenol, allantoin


To achieve the brighter tone of the entire face and, in the case of freckles, apply the serum to the entire face to avoid ocular and lip areas. Apply twice a day on clean skin directly to pigment spots. The recommended nursing time is at least 4 weeks. Protect skin from UV rays.

Buy Mulberry’s Secret

Mulberry’s Secret – Eliminates freckles and pigmentation problems

(Cash on delivery, fast shipping.)
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